Clinics & Services

Child Health Development Clinic

This clinic is held every Thursday by appointment and is run by the doctors on a rota basis and Sister Claire Farrell .Immunisations are also offered at this clinic. Routine childhood immunisation clinic is held every Thursday afternoon.

Diabetic Clinic

Provided throughout the week by the Practice Nurse, an appointment is required.

Cervical Smears

We automatically invite all women between the ages of 25 and 64 for a smear every 3 years.  The smear examination is a simple and painless way of spotting changes in the neck of the womb which may lead to cancer if not treated.

Minor Surgery

This takes place on Tuesday afternoons and is run by Dr A Karigiri. It offers treatment for benign skin problems including warts, cysts and moles by using cryosurgery (freezing), curettage and surgical excision. Please see one of the doctors in a general surgery prior to booking into this clinic.

Lifestyle Management

All the doctors feel strongly that your way of life plays a great part in maintaining good health.  We are happy to spend some time discussing these matters during surgery consultations even if this does not directly relate to the problem you have come to see us with.  We will be pleased to give you advice on such matters as diet, weight reduction, stress, stopping smoking and prevention of heart disease or cancer.  On occasion it may be easier if we arrange a special consultation just to talk about healthy living.

Community Alcohol Team

Drug Clinic

This is provided by Manchester Drug Services and is available only to patients who are stable in terms of medication. If you have a drug problem and you wish have help in overcoming it, please arrange a referral to the service through one of the doctors.


Do you have joint, muscle or spinal pain?

You need to be a registered patient to use this service.

If you do you can now access NHS Physiotherapy without seeing your GP first, through straight2physio, an innovative new venture between local GP practices and the Physiotherapy department at NMGH. 

In the first instance please use the referral form attached, the phone lines are extremely busy and you maybe asked to complete the form anyway.

Contact Physio Directly on: 0161 720 2321 (Mon-Fri, 8.30am-16.30pm) 

A Member of the clerical team will initially take your details. A senior clinician will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your problem, give you appropriate advice, and where necessary book you to come in for a face to face assessment. Most musculoskeletal problems are best managed by physiotherapists and it has been shown that early intervention can stop a problem becoming a long term issue.